Sunday, September 10, 2023 at:

Watrous Park

Watrous Park Road

Cromwell, CT 06416

Join us at 12:00 Noon, lunch served at 1:00 PM.

Yes, the picnic has moved! Watrous Park is a fabulous community park in central Connecticut and our traditional first class catered meal will be provided by a new caterer. These changes were due, in part, to the closing of Kane’s Market which had provided our meals for many years.

Last year we incurred a substantial loss as we had 10 no-shows and we had to pay the caterer for those meals.  As a result we are forced to make the following changes in our policy:

If you register for the picnic and do not attend without cancellation prior to the cutoff date of Tuesday, September 5th at 10 PM, your payment of $20 for Members and $10 for Associate Members will be forfeited and you will be billed for the balance based on the Club’s cost of $35 per person.  This will be applied to the picnic expense and not to your renewal for 2024.  If you do not pay the amount that you owe the Club by the due date on the invoice you will be deemed to be a member not in good standing and will be unable to make reservations for future events until your debt is resolved.

It is unfortunate that we have to institute this new policy, however, this is fair to the club’s members who honor their responsibility.


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