On the Home page is a video of club activities and a list of reasons to join our club. There is a link to join and further down, you will see our Facebook page.

On the About CRVBMW dropdown menu, you will find links to who we are (About CRVBMW), Officers, Renew Membership, How to Join, how to make a Charitable Contribution, minutes from the latest club meeting and Our Bylaws.  Scrolling down on the How to Join page is an accessible copy of the Membership Application which can be printed and mailed in to the address listed, if needed.

By clicking on Events, you will learn about what’s happening in the club and motorcycle world.  Click on the icon to the right to select the list currently viewed, a monthly calendar or what is scheduled for today. Click on the event listed for more details on the event which often includes the event location, a link to their website and a map.  If you wish to have the Upcoming Events added to your cell phone or computer, click on Subscribe to calendar in the blue box, select the appropriate format and follow the instructions.

In the Members dropdown menu, you will find access to the Member Login and Members List as well as several new features which include news about our members, a Newsletter Archive, a Q&A feature, an opportunity to change your password (you will need to enter the email address that you provided us to change it) and an opportunity to update your profile.

There is a Gallery of club related photos.  Sent them to us and we will see how many we can add to the gallery.

The Shop dropdown provides access to the Club Store and the club Classified Ad site. 

Related Links brings you to a number of related links such as to the national clubs and other BMW clubs in the northeast.

Lastly, there is a place to Contact Us.  Your information will go directly to the executive committee.

Clicking on the club logo at the top of most pages returns you to the Home page. Also note that many of the pages open in a separate tab at the top of the page which will allow you to tab back and forth without closing either page.