Yes, I attended the BMWRA in NC this year. I think I may have been the only CRVBMW Rider there. It was a terrific ride down on the Blue Ridge Parkway. There were two detours off the highway for construction and one because “Elk were running “

The first morning of the rally we woke up to 35 degrees. Although the storm was always threatening, we never really got hit.  We could see blue skies to our west and rain to our east for most of the weekend. Rain was always in the forecast. 

I worked registration and the entrance gate.  This is not official but I’m told 600 registered and about 300 showed up. 

Bob from Bob’s BMW in Maryland provided beer and hotdogs, so we didn’t miss the CRV pizza.  BMW provided safety training. A few of our regular vendors also showed up. 

The ride home was miserable. No Blue Ridge. All windy and rainy highway.